OneSmile Dental Plan is a flexible alternative to insurance. Members pay a low yearly fee to receive FREE Exams & X-Rays and 20-40% discounts off all dental services. After enrolling in the plan, just show your member ID at a participating dental office to take advantage of plan discounts.

Select Plan

If you need a dental plan for yourself or your whole family, simply select your plan type – Individual, Two- Individuals, or Family.

Easy Sign Up

Everyone is eligible, just complete the online enrollment and, in minutes, you'll be ready to take advantage of plan discounts. If you prefer to sign-up by phone, contact us at
1 833 417-6453

Start Saving

Get the dental care and procedures your family needs, at a fraction of the cost. Accessible and affordable dental care starts today – A healthy smile does not need to be expensive.

A Plan that works for you and your family

Free preventative care turns OneSmile into many!

As a young professional on a tight budget, I used to put off going to the dentist for regular checkups because it was too expensive. Now with my OneSmile Dental plan, I go to the dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup. This plan is great, pay a low enrollment fee once a year!

OneSmile works for the whole family!

My two children are very active and I know that anything can happen at any time. That is why I need to be prepared for unexpected dental expenses. This plan allows me to do that and it fits in my budget. Even better, our checkups and x-rays are also covered at no charge.

OneSmile is there when your insurance falls short

When I needed extensive restorative work, my traditional dental insurance only covered half the cost. With the plan's savings, I was able to save over $300 on costs not covered by my insurance. It's reassuring to know that OneSmile will always be there if my insurance lets me down!